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Biometric integration

One method of protecting sensitive information or premium content within your app is to request biometric authentication, such as using face recognition or fingerprint recognition.

This guide explains how to support biometric login flows in your app. You can check if a device supports biometric authentication prior to invoking BiometricPrompt by using the canAuthenticate method in the BiometricManager class.

To display a system prompt that requests the user to authenticate using biometric credentials, use the Biometric library. This system-provided dialog is consistent across the apps that use it, creating a more trustworthy user experience. An example dialog appears in Figure 1.

To add biometric authentication to your app using the Biometric library, complete the following steps:. In the activity or fragment that hosts the biometric login dialog, display the dialog using the logic shown in the following code snippet:.

To further protect sensitive information within your app, you can incorporate cryptography into your biometric authentication workflow using an instance of CryptoObject. The framework supports the following cryptographic objects: SignatureCipherand Mac. After the user authenticates successfully using a biometric prompt, your app can perform a cryptographic operation. For example, if you authenticate using a Cipher object, your app can then perform encryption and decryption using a SecretKey object.

The following sections go through examples of using a Cipher object and a SecretKey object to encrypt data.

Each example makes use of the following methods:. If your app uses a secret key that requires biometric credentials to unlock, the user must authenticate their biometric credentials each time before your app accesses the key. To encrypt sensitive information only after the user authenticates using biometric credentials, complete the following steps:.

Generate a key that uses the following KeyGenParameterSpec configuration:. Within your biometric authentication callbacks, use the secret key to encrypt the sensitive information:. You can use a secret key that allows for authentication using either biometric credentials or lock screen credentials PIN, pattern, or password.

When configuring this key, specify a validity time period. During this time period, your app can perform multiple cryptographic operations without the user needing to re-authenticate.

To encrypt sensitive information after the user authenticates using biometric or lock screen credentials, complete the following steps:. By default, the system requires users to perform a specific action, such as pressing a button, after their biometric credentials are accepted.

This configuration is preferable if your app is showing the dialog to confirm a sensitive or high-risk action, such as making a purchase.Today, web applications have claimed a significant chunk of market share from their aging counterparts such as client-server and locally installable applications. It has become possible due to some unique advantages that web applications offer. Assessable via web browsers, they can work as good as locally installable applications without installing and maintaining them.

The fact that organizations do not have to allocate resources to maintain them locally, has also accelerated the adoption of web applications. Many other factors also helped web applications to become widespread and attractive to business as well as personal users. Advancements in web development technologies, increasing internet accessibility, higher bandwidth, competitive subscription prices and big players such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Web applications have greater need of security as they are assessable from anywhere with a URL.

Unlike locally installed applications, in which information systems can also be secured with physical security accesscontrol, web applications do not have this advantage. Now with the rise of new technologies, standards and APIs, it has become to leverage other means of information security like biometrics, USB token, YubiKeyetc. The subsequent sections of this article further discuss about web applications, web based biometrics and integration of biometric authentication in web applications.

Early days of computing were dominated by client-server and standalone applications. Software applications were either deployed in a client-server environment or installed on the standalone systems.

Integrating a BIO-key fingerprint reader

Locally installable applications, local network, local storage options, local processing power, etc. However, things were bound to change with the emergence of the World Wide Web. When the World Wide Web started to take shape in early s, it was mostly a collection of static pages. Designed mostly with the HTML, Web pages were more or less like documents that were accessible via the internet. When users clicked any link on the web page, the request would return to the server and reload the entire page.

Some level of interactivity was made possible by the sequence of pages. Passwords were the digital security guards of the new-born WWW. Inwhen Netscape introduced Java Script, a highly popular client side scripting language, some dynamic elements could be programmed that loaded with the webpage.Each biometric reader integration differs in its functionality within Access It!

This article should be used to reference the general outline of each integration. Refer to each readers specific knowledge base article for specifics on the reader's configuration and setup. Access It! Universal dongle and is a system wide license.

A list of supported models can be found within the BioConnect Site. Enrollment is performed at the card level. If a cardholder has multiple cards assigned, they only need to have their biometric template enrolled once.

Within the BioConnect software, only one of their cards can be marked as the "Biometric Card" which the reader will output as the card number once a valid finger is presented. When enrolling, the card number is used to associate records in the BioConnect software to the card within Access It! Because the facility code is not used, duplicate card numbers are not allowed. When making modifications to the cardholder or to the card itself, those changes are associated by the respective CardholderID and CardID fields.

This allows for changing the card number of an existing card and not needing to re-enroll a biometric template. Upon initial installation of the BioConnect integration software, an initial synchronization is performed to populate all cards from Access It! NET into the BioConnect database. Records existing in the BioConnect database are not erased. Each time the BioConnect service is started, synchronization occurs between the databases. Each time the User Management screen is entered within BioConnect, synchronization occurs between the databases.

Each time the BioConnect software launches, a user name and password must be entered. This can be circumvented when using a domain environment and configuring the domain credentials within the BioConnect software. Specifics on configuring this reader within Access It! Enrollment is performed at the Cardholder level. Due to the integration being reliant on Mercury-Security, the association between the biometric record and the card is handled by the SCP controller and transparent within the software.

Upon a card presentation, the SCP controller confirms if the reader requires biometric verification, loads up the cardholders template, and prompts the biometric reader to begin looking for a card. If the template matches then access is granted. Biometric templates are saved in the SCP controller each time the cardholder or card is saved within Access It! Because this integration requires a card to be swiped prior to presenting a fingerprint, it is not possible to achieve a finger-only solution.

This solution is idela for replacing legacy biometric installations.Have a question in mind or need more info? Tell us about it and an account executive will respond shortly. The host software then performs the appropriate action, such as clocking the user in or out. Administrators have the option of showing a pop-up window above the system tray after each fingerprint scan. If this option is enabled, a message will appear indicating whether or not the user was successfully identified.

When new users are enrolled into the system, a dialog box shows the actual fingerprint image. An image quality scale also provides feedback to ensure that high quality data is being fed into the fingerprint software. The visual feedback mechanism can also be displayed during subsequent fingerprint identification attempts, or it can be kept hidden. Administrators can configure the Bio-SnapON system settings through an intuitive console. Unlike competing products, Bio-SnapON allows you to store multiple ID credentials and application configurations under a single fingerprint template and user account.

This means that users can enroll different passwords, PINs, etc. Our knowledgeable sales consultants are located worldwide to answer any questions that you have about our identity management technology. Please complete the form below with as much information as you can so we are best prepared to assist you. Read our whitepapers, case studies, infographics, press releases etc. Contact Us. How It Works. The host application such as time and attendance software uses some kind of manual input mechanism with a unique credential to identify the user.

In this case, the input mechanism is a user name and password. This process is not only inefficient, but also carries the risk that the credential could be easily lost or stolen. Pop-Up Notification Window Administrators have the option of showing a pop-up window above the system tray after each fingerprint scan.

Visual Feedback Mechanism When new users are enrolled into the system, a dialog box shows the actual fingerprint image. Fingerprint biometrics is being used in a wide variety of industries for many different purposes. Here are a few examples:. POS: Control payroll accuracy and transaction overrides by requiring employees to login with a fingerprint scan.

Schools: Interface with lunch line POS, library, and SIS software to create efficienciesincrease revenue, and protect student interests. Check Cashing: Reduce fraud and protect assets with customer fingerprint authentication within check cashing software. Membership Management: Member-based establishments e. Save Money by Eliminating Buddy Punching.An alliance of multinational companies, global consulting firms, including Gavi or Vaccine Alliance, Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, etc.

biometric integration

They will do this in conjunction with government-funded mandatory vaccinations. What could possibly go wrong? Imagine how backward this thinking really is. Instead of looking for healthcare solutions, they are instead working on the perfection of their control grid as if their financial grip on everyone is not enough.

They are generally archaic, insecure, lacking adequate privacy protection, and for over a billion people worldwide, unavailable. Everyone should have access to a digital ID that enables them to prove who they are across institutional and international borders and across time, while giving them control over how their personal information is collected, used, and shared. The system is aptly called by some as Technocratic Dictatorship, or simply put Technocracy.

It consists of the full digitization of the financial system, compartmentalization of knowledge and people, integration of medical records, and the establishment of national IDs, which when integrated into the ID Alliance network, should work seamlessly without fail.

biometric integration

Behavioral software is already being used in the high-frequency trading of global stocks at primary exchanges around the globe. AI softwares for integrated military systems are already under dizzying phases of development in the G8 countries. The full automation of identifying global threats and subsequent elimination thereof is not a theory anymore. What worries this writer a lot is the lack of real opposition from governments all over the world, probably because only a handful of them really has the scientific understanding of the possible long-term consequences of such as system.

In fact, most of the health ministers within these governments are all Big Pharma conscripts by default due to their complete allegiance to the only thing that keeps them in their posts. The irony of it all is that the same set of technologies that we already have today also have the same capability to set us all free, and yet the lack of coordinated action from the population continues to empower the sociopaths who have been in great positions of political and economic power for far too long.

When can we get our acts together and end this madness for good? Surely, those who are proactively creating the technocratic system is not sitting idly by indeed, and not just waiting for everyone to bend the knee.

Biometric Integration – Case Studies

They are well-organized in pursuing their totalitarian ideas into reality and fruition. Engineers and technicians, social workers, experts and technologies, community organizers, military veterans and the constitutional militia, need to take matters into their own hands now to guide the passivists in our midst of the actions that must done, before the system that we are conniving with today will, at the very least enslave, or kill us tomorrow.

Off-grid living is never complete without your own off-grid healthcare system. In fact, that is one of the most critical components on how you can successfully live outside of the dog-eat-dog paradigm.

A real off-grid healthcare technology is being used in the fringe corners of our society where the effects of propaganda have been uprooted before the turn of the 21st century, and it offers many distinct advantages not attributable to mainstream conventions.

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So ifn we are to be free of the corporate crooks that hold us captive like the lieberals here in Australia and ifn we are so called free spirited by rights of who we are as a people then why be afraid of the evil ones who wish us harm when in fact they are the ones condemned to hell ….

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We do appreciate sensible comments Cancel reply. Search for:.Integrated Biometrics offers the most reliable, lightest weight FBI-certified fingerprint sensors in the world. For instructions on how to sanitize our scanners, visit this page.

biometric integration

Integrated Biometrics provides a range of products, components, and development tools in support of fingerprint sensor solutions. The non-certified series of fingerprint sensors offer the same high accuracy and high durability performance as the certified sensors. Our Curve and eCurve products are routinely used for financial transactions, database enrollment, authentication of computer or electronic device access, kiosk transactions and more.

Shop Accessories. SDK Datasheets. Scanner Cleaning. Apr 13th, Feb 28th, Crazy Stu. Sherlock Sherlock enables fingerprint capture in embedded mobile applications and in combination with commercial smartphones and tablets. Apr 13th, Mar 1st, Crazy Stu. Kojak The Kojak print roll scanner features an intuitive ergonomic design, weighs less than grams 1.

Kojak PL The Kojak Private Label print roll scanner features an intuitive ergonomic design, weighs less than grams 1. Apr 13th, Mar 5th, Crazy Stu. Incredibly accurate and much more difficult to spoof than run-of-the-mill competitors. Curve Single Finger Capture Solution. Curve The was developed to succeed in the demanding real world conditions common in commercial applications.

More surface contact, less ridge distortion.

Biometric Attendance Integration with Odoo - Lite Edition (without any software support)

SDK Downloads. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.Human resource management software has become an integral part of business enterprises.

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Such software is basically used for running the enterprise process systematically and efficiently. However, for efficient management, the organization should have a clear management strategy. Otherwise, it will jeopardize the management process even if you have efficient software in place. An HR management solution without the following qualities has a high possibility of collapse. Proper Data Entry 2. Fully covered solution 3.

Automation in all possible sectors 4. Automation from public sources 5. Proper reporting tools. Let's consider the case of 'Automation'.


Automation is not an option today, rather a must-have feature that an ERP software should possess. If we could avoid manual data entry in every possible domain, the same workforce could be channelized to other productive areas.

Here in this blog, I am discussing such a useful automation feature in Odoo ERP, which is attendance marking and management with the help of Biometric hardware. There is a number of advantages for automation in biometrics. So with the help of the following two components, you can automate attendance marking in Odoo.

Zktecko Device uFaceiFace 2. You can download the addon from Odoo apps and configure it with Odoo. You can configure the user details from Odoo employee form as well as the hardware device. Biometric Device Configuration For connecting the biometric device with Odoo we need to know the static IP and port number of the biometric device.

Once we have the static IP and port number, we can connect the device with Odoo from the following form. Please note that you must provide valid details. Otherwise, the connection will be failed. Here you can configure multiple devices too.

In employee master form you can see a field 'Biometric Device ID'. Here you can enter the corresponding device ID of that employee. Download Data 2. If the device is connected, then the Odoo will download all the attendance log from the device to a table.

Post load method in d365

That table will be shown in odoo as follow. If the device is not connected, then Odoo will show you a warning message as follow. Odoo attendance will be updated daily with the first check-in and last check out records of the employee. If Odoo detects any new biometric Id in the device database then Odoo will create a corresponding employee in its database with that biometric ID and the employee name. Clear Data You can also clear all attendance log from both Odoo and device by clicking the 'Clear' button.

If the device is not connected it will show you a warning message. This module is compatible with the version odoo10 and for the ZK devices uFaceiFace If you want to alter this module please drop a mail to info cybrosys. Hello, this module is compatible with Odoo 9 and uFace ?

Hello, is this module compatible with odoo 11 and iFace? Interesting post, Thanks for sharing.